Smart Energy Systems Laboratory (SES Lab)


The replacement of conventional energy resource with the alternative renewable resources is the main motivation for this group researches. Furthermore the smart utilization of these resources is an inevitable need of the future world. The wide range of studies aims to find smart solutions for domestic or full network generation.

The renewable energy sources (including PV, wind and tidal), due to their intermittent nature, introduce variety of challenges, comprising both balancing supply and demand, to the electrical systems. Since the utilization of the energy storages alone is not the best solution for these problems, our researches are focused on proposing and optimizing different combination of energy storage for standalone and conventional grid systems to find more economical solution. At the micro-grid level, most of studies are focused on the application of thermal storage, ice storage, compressed air storage and domestic demand management.

We are also conducting studies on the performance of energy systems using: numerical simulation to aide component selection, life-cycle-analysis to measure carbon footprint, and cost-function optimization for economic decision-making.