Research Methods in Engineering

15 May 2017 | 12:06 Code : 5913 Notifications Events
A one day workshop, titled "Research Methods in Engineering" will be conducted in the department of computer and electrical engineering in corporation with the Iran energy agency on 16th May 2017.
Research Methods in Engineering

The workshop will focus on: 

  1. Choosing a topic 
  2. Selecting a research design 
  3. Literature review 
  4. Referencing and formatting 
  5. Writing/presentation strategies 
  6. Defining the scope 
  7. Problem statement 
  8. Research questions 
  9. Research hypotheses 
  10. Publishing, collaboration 

Somayeh Asadi is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Architectural Engineering at the Pennsylvania State University and holds the Hartz Family Career Development Assistant Professor. Prior to that she was an Assistant Professor at the Texas A&M University. Her research interest cuts across the following themes: Automated Design, Critical Infrastructure Systems, Food-Water-Energy Nexus, Design of High Performance Buildings, and Environmental sustainability. Dr. Asadi has had several NSF, DOE, DEP, and Qatar national research foundation awards and has more than 70 journal and conference publications. 

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